The Major Arcana Cards
(22 cards)

These cards symbolise very powerful archetypes of spiritual states, people, virtues and circumstances

The Fool
The Spirit of the Aether

The Magician
The Magnus of Power

The Papess
The Priestess of the Silver Star

The Empress
The Daughter of the Mighty Ones

The Emperor
Son of Morning: Chief Among the Mighty

The Pope
The Magnus of the Eternal

The Lovers
The Children of the Voice; The Oracle of the Mighty Gods

The Chariot
The Child of the Powers of the Waters; The Lord of the Triumph of Light

Strength (fortitude)
The Daughter of the Flaming Sword

The Hermit
The Prophet of the Eternal; the Magnus of the voice of Power

Wheel of Fortune
The Lord of the Forces of Life

The Daughter of the Lords of Truth; The Ruler of the Balance

The Hanged Man
The Spirit of the Mighty Waters

The Child of the Great Transformers; The Lord of the Gate of Death

The Daughter of the Reconcilers; The Bringer Forth of Life

The Devil
The Lord of the Gates of Matter; The Child of the Forces of Time

The Tower
The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

The Star
The Daughter of the Firmament; The Dweller Between the Waters

The Moon
The ruler of the Flux & Reflux; The Child of the Sons of the Mighty

The Sun
The Lord of the fire of the World

The Spirit of the Primal Fire

The World
The Great One of the Night of Time

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